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About Commercial Charging

FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED's commercial charging stations can boost your company's visibility and make them stand out from the crowd. With RapidEVChargE, you have a scalable, grid-responsive, fully networked EV charging station that maximises your return on investment. We work with your team to fully understand your charging requirements and provide you with an end-to-end solution.

With our fast and reliable EV chargers, your customers can charge their vehicle within minutes, as opposed to hours of charging. As an added benefit, our stations simplify the charging process for any electric vehicle driver. The chargers that we offer are among the best in this market, making them perfect for hotels, airports, retail businesses, malls, and more. Put your business on the map by investing in RapidEVChargE commercial charging solutions.

Why We Are The Best

Our commercial charging solutions come with Unique Selling Points that appeal to customers who love to shop for long hours.

Attracts EV drivers who will frequent your business if they have the convenience to shop while their vehicles charge.
Caters to the sharp surge in plug-in electric vehicles and aligns with car manufacturers' plans to increase EVs.

Our Products

Attracts a new breed of customers who will spend more time at your premises while charging.
Establishes your brand as a sustainable business and projects you as the leader of your niche industry.
Allows customers to simultaneously shop and increase your sales while they recharge their EV batteries.
Generates excellent ROI as our network allows drivers to find you at no additional cost


RapidEVChargE is an excellent investment for businesses looking for innovative ways to increase their customer base. Our solution also comes with additional benefits.

Want To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

Talk to our experts about how you can benefit from RapidEVChargE's commercial charging.

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