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Community-Owned Electrical Vehicle Chargers
Know the Benefits

About Community Chargers

RapidEVChargE is the best community charging network that functions with cloud services and hardware to give you a seamless, hassle-free charging experience. Our community charging solution utilises your community's infrastructure, finance, and chargers. We enable your entire housing community to charge their EVs without having to depend on public charging stations. Housing associations can determine and allocate costs based on the exact individual use. Community EV charging is better for everyone when everything works together.

Law Compliant

Meets the amendments in Model Building Bye-Laws for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

Additional Income

Generates an additional revenue stream and attract and retains high value, eco-conscious residents.

Property Value

Enhances your property value and brings more new visitors to your property.

More Customers

Encourages the repeat purchase of EVs by encouraging driver loyalty.


Shows support for sustainability and promotes eco-friendly transportation options.

Property Reputation

Establishing your property as an EV charging "node" in your community and enhance its value.

Our Products

Utilises cutting-edge, safe and reliable hardware.
Delivers automated billing for energy costs and proactive station monitoring.
Allows EV drivers to charge in their assigned parking spot.
Enables easy management of EV charging through a simple online dashboard.


RapidEVChargE's community charging is an instrumental component of your EV ecosystem. By choosing us, you are preparing your community for a greener, smarter option with multiple benefits.

Invest In Our Charging Solutions

Choose RapidEVChargE and empower your community to be self-dependent in charging EV vehicles.

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