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Convenient Charging At The Workplace
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About Corporate Charging

Corporate charging makes life easier for your employees who own EVs. Furthermore, if you are an organisation that owns an EV fleet, our corporate chargers are the apt choice. Our charging solutions help you keep your fleet fully powered while saving on maintenance and fuel costs.

With RapidEVChargE's charging station at your workplace, you enable your employees to drive EVs more conveniently and affordably. In addition, you offer a safe option that eliminates their need to use public or private chargers. We offer chargers that are compatible with all models of electric vehicles, so your employees can commute effortlessly.

Convenient Option

Providing the convenience of charging at work and thus promoting employee productivity.

Carbon Neutral

Installing electric vehicle charge points will demonstrate your company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and help meet your sustainability goals.


Providing your employees with facilities to help them move to electric vehicles and reduce their transportation costs.


Adding EV charging infrastructure to new office buildings is a cost-effective option as opposed to retrofits.

Our Products

Improves productivity, eliminates worry and saves employees time by providing them with the convenience of charging while they work.
Projects you as an innovative employer who provides conveniences for the modern workspace
Increases employee loyalty and keeps them engaged by providing them with a benefit they highly value.
Helps to achieve your eco-friendly objectives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from employee commutes by thousands of metric tons.


Discover the various advantages of installing RapidEVChargE's corporate charging solutions at your workplace.

Looking For Corporate Charger For Your Office?

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