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RapidEVChargE App Makes It Easy. All this at your finger tips.

  • Find a Place to Charge
  • Search by location and charging speed.
  • Check for open spots in real time and book slots and make payments
  • Easy navigation to nearest charging stations
  • Start a charging session with the app
  • Track the charging status in your app in real time

Getting Started with Your Electric Vehicle?
Considering going electric?
We're here to help. Charging any electric car with is easy. We have many places to charge, everywhere you want to go, plus an app that makes it easy to find them all.

Why drive electric?
It's more economical, environmentally friendly and lets you access the latest vehicle technology. To learn more about charging any EV, check out introductory resources below.

Your Quick Guide to EV Charging

Charge your Car When you go shopping

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