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About Fleet Chargers

Electrification has progressed to fleets, and FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED facilitates this seamless transition by future-proofing your electrification plans as you scale your business. We bring you the most diverse, smart, and cost-effective fleet electrification solutions to keep your EVs fully powered. Maximise your operational performance with our sustainable, powerfully networked customised solutions.

With RapidEVChargE, you get real-time, detailed reports on charging station information, fuel savings, and energy use from a single dashboard. And that's not all. We empower you with automatic software updates, lesser installation costs, and the ability to change charging times when electricity rates are cheap.

Holistic EV Charging Solutions For Your Fleet

RapidEVChargE's fleet charging network keeps you fully supported to manage and operate your entire fleet of EVs while simultaneously saving fuel costs. Our USPs surpass those of any other provider in the nation.
  • Dedicated team support for station managers to optimise their operations.
  • Expert guidance to help you select the right charging stations and services.
  • Latest energy management tools to curb the cost of ownership and capital expenses.
  • Round-the-clock phone support to guide drivers in transit.
  • Robust mobile app to help drivers track energy usage and charge the EV on time.
  • Powerful single dashboard to manage the entire fleet and charging stations.

Our Products

24/7 charging availability and support for drivers regarding maintenance or operation.
Flexible and comprehensive solutions based on data derived from your changing necessities.
Futuristic cloud-based electrification solutions to ensure technical support at all times.
Robust data privacy policies to prevent unauthorised access of all software and hardware.


By teaming with FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED, you make a wise decision and a smart investment that will go a long way to maximise your benefits.

Keep Your EV Fleet Fully Charged

Talk to our experts to know how RapidEVChargE can help you.

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