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More than 1000 EV charging units to come up in Telugu States soon

EV charging solutions company RapidEVChargE aims to install more than 1000 EV charging units across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the next 18 months. The company is in talks with channel partners to get the word out in Telugu states.

Founder and CEO of RapidEVChargE P Sivasubramaniam, said the company has developed products to suit the needs for domestic or commercial utility.

“RapidEVChargE is on the fast lane to grow across the country, by installing AC, DC, CC varieties of chargers. With a large portfolio of 14 models, the platform is integrated to cloud, and offers easy solutions for EV charging, including payment and helps achieve high uptime.”

The Indian automotive industry is the fifth-largest in the world and is slated to be the third-largest by 2030.

The electric vehicle industry in India is picking pace with new manufacturing hubs, and increased push to improving charging infrastructure. Burden of oil imports and rising pollution levels is compelling countries around the world to commit to cut pollution levels; and e-mobility is one of the key components to achieve the set targets.

The Indian EV technology evolution is witnessing sizable investments in R&D and product development, both on the automobile platforms and battery/charging technology. It is being estimated that India needs about 400,000 charging stations to meet the requirement for two million EVs that could potentially ply on the roads by year 2026.

RapidEVChargE is a division of Fenfeo Automation Private Limited, which was founded in 2018 and is recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Company offers reliable, safe, and advanced technology in Electric Vehicle charging, and its prime focus is to play a role in reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions by promoting the use of EVs.

Posted by Shreya Srikonda  |   Published: 18th April 2022 7:02 pm

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