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Our Public Charging Solutions

FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED offers flexible, robust, and cost-saving charging solutions. Our RapidEVChargE public chargers are compatible with all brands of electric vehicles and can be connected to your reliable remote management system. You can charge several vehicles simultaneously in one location. And thanks to our mobile app, drivers can access the most secure EV charging station management network in real-time to obtain the information they need on the road.

At FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED, we can handle all aspects of EV infrastructure, from charging station installation and maintenance to network and support. In addition, we offer a wide range of public chargers appropriate for any business or scenario.

Better Choice

With Rapid urbanisation happening, large charging station networks influence people's decision to opt for electric vehicles.


Experts agree that electricity will be the fuel choice for moving people and goods and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Lesser Costs

The availability of public charging stations is a big convenience that encourages people to use EVs and reduce fuel expenses.

Our Products

Aligning With The Demand
FENFEO AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED is well-positioned to meet the imminent demand for electric vehicles, which will be an inevitable necessity in the forthcoming years.
Brand Compatibility
Our chargers are designed to be compatible with EVs of any brand, model, or make as long as the vehicle aligns with the charging standard of our chargers.
Commitment To Sustainability
We're fully committed to protecting the environment by using renewable energy and making it easy for drivers to switch to electric vehicles.
Customer Experience
Our solutions provide optimal customer experience and accessibility by achieving an uptime of 99.5%. Drivers can charge their EV for maximum battery power and range.

Why Choose RapidEVChargE?

As a turn-key EV infrastructure service provider, we offer a range of services that include charging station installation, charger maintenance, a comprehensive network, an intuitive mobile app and dedicated support for any charging scenario imaginable.

Want To Enhance Your Location Identity?

Invest in our public charging solutions and become a reliable charging point for EVs.

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