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RapidEVChargE plans to set up EV charger manufacturing unit in Telangana

RapidEVChargE, which is engaged in the manufacture of electric chargers and the creation of related software applications, has plans to set up an electric vehicle charger manufacturing unit in Telangana Hyderabad. It will be through a franchise route. It currently manufactures chargers in Coimbatore, said the company’s founder and CEO, P Sivasubramaniam.

It also has plans to set up 1,000 charging stations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh over 18 months. The locations include housing associations, shopping malls, hospitals and other parking lots. It will be through the charging point operators who will bear the installation costs. It will provide loaders and the software. The charger infrastructure costs from Rs 40,000 to Rs 12 lakh, depending on the configuration, he said.

The charging points will have slow chargers that will take about six hours and also fast chargers that only need 30 minutes. The charging rate ranges from Rs 8 to 25 per unit, depending on the speed of charging. These points will fit vehicles of all makes, he said.

It also has products such as electric pole charging stations. It will have a power socket and a mini screen or a QR code to authenticate the users with an OTP. The slot must be discussed on the application and it will be a prepaid transaction. Such poles are already in use in Coimbatore and the company plans to launch them in Telangana soon, he told Telangana Today.

The company is in talks with manufacturers of original car equipment and other businesses to provide them with suitable EV charging solutions, Sivasubramaniam said.

The Indian car industry is the fifth largest in the world. An estimated four lakh charging stations are needed to meet the charging requirement for two million electric vehicles that could potentially hit the roads by 2026. “India is investing heavily in electric mobility. The focus in the next few years will be on faster and more efficient charging infrastructure. “Battery exchange technology will take time to be in the mainstream,” he said.

Source: Telangana Today

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