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Smart Charging Management Tool

Smart Charging Management Tool (SCMT) is the heart of our smart EV charging product suite; seamlessly integrating the remote user experience and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).You plan and manage charging using our digital platform with a click of a button or a tap.

Our smart app is available on your Android or iOS devices. We also offer our smart app capabilities over web / supported browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox

Smart Charging Management Tools allows the registered users to

  • Locate our charging stations around your geolocation (or) anywhere in the country
  • Plan the charging schedule, view the charging tariffs and discounts
  • Manage reservations. The system will provide an estimate of the charging period and costs upon a successful reservation
  • Initiate the charging process using two-factor authentication process
  • Monitor the charging process remotely
  • Top- up wallets via our secured payment gateway supporting variety of payment modes
  • Manage profile and registered Electric Vehicles
  • View and download usage & billing histories
Enriching user experience via APIfication
Highly available & Redundancy
Data encrypted in transit & rest
Secured data exchange using modern protocols & payload formats
High throughput & low latency
Horizontally & vertically scalable

Smart Charging Management Tool enables us to enhance our customer's experience using niche technologies and cloud native apps; offering the following capabilities


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