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About Street Light Charging

Fenfeo's RapidEVchargE pole mounting kit aims to increase the number of locations that can quickly deploy EV chargers. We make EV charging easier by utilizing every single parking lot or street lighting infrastructure to our advantage. This charger design will help you to introduce on-street parking in all urban areas. This will be beneficial in places where EV drivers do not have quick access to their residential chargers.

Our RapidEVChargE pole mounting kit consists of a hardware kit and a mounting bracket. It is used to attach our charging stations to any of the existing or new poles. These poles will be tested at first to check whether they can handle RapidEVChargE's load charger. Thus, every street light in your customer's locality can be easily converted into a potential charging station.

Why Choose RapidEVchargE

  • We offer you a one of a kind charging solution that makes use of the most durable and traditional street lights your customers can easily find in any locality.
  • Ideal charging solution for installing in new and existing parking areas, retail outlets, corporate and street parking environments.
  • Instead of getting your client to park their cars at the charging stations, you can bring the charging stations to where they usually park their cars.


Opt for energy-efficient street-light EV charging options and get an unmatched competitive edge.
Helps avoid expensive civil works as already existing street lights can be quickly converted to charging points.
Enables city drivers to charge their vehicles quickly at lower costs without much street clutter compared to other options.

Efficient, Economical & Effective

Talk to our experts to know more about RapidEVchargeE street light charging.

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