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The best-selling EV batteries & manufacturers in India

How lithium-ion works?

It is well-known that lithium-ion batteries are actively used in electronic devices like smartphones and laptops. In simple terms, lithium-ion batteries have lithium ions in the components of the battery. The electrochemical reaction in lithium ions generates electricity which powers electric vehicles.

Best-selling EV batteries in India

The automobile market in India has been facing a severe electrifying boom with the presence of electric vehicles in India. Several domestic EV battery companies have been in the league longer. However, some new companies have also embarked in this domain to make their signature in the Indian electric vehicle battery market.

Here are some of the best-selling EV batteries & manufacturers in India.

  1. Exide Industries

    Exide Industries, the name speaks volumes. Very popular in the battery manufacturing market. They are headquartered in Kolkata, one of India's largest suppliers of acid-lead batteries and international markets. Exide Industries has collaborated with multiple potential battery developers to produce cost-effective yet durable lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in domestic and global markets.

  2. Maruti Suzuki

    The Japanese automotive manufacturer, supplier and subsidiary of Suzuki. They are one of the trusted names in the Indian automotive domain. The company has started manufacturing electric vehicles and focusing on advancing technology for energy storage batteries. Maruti Suzuki collaborates with two other reputed names, Toshiba and Denso. The companies are looking to address the challenges and concerns of producing efficient electric vehicles.

  3. Tata Group

    Tata Group, the name says it all. The finest Indian automotive sector has several cars and heavy-duty vehicles. In addition to the automotive industry, Tata Group has diversified its power generation and steel manufacturing business. As the company is looking at providing effective solutions for electric vehicle battery manufacturing, they have partnered with ISRO to establish lithium-ion battery-producing plants nationwide.

  4. Hero Motors

    Hero MotoCorp aka Hero Honda, the leading two-wheeler brand in India. They have been conquering the two-wheeler sector for decades. Hero MotoCorp is now embarking on the EV market through strategic investments and has built a new facility in Tamil Nadu to manufacture EVs. In addition, the company is focusing on the lithium-ion battery market.

  5. Amara Raja Batteries

    Amaron is a famous battery manufacturer in India. Amara Raja Batteries is among India's largest manufacturers and suppliers of electric vehicle batteries. Like Tata Group, Amara Raja Batteries has ventured into various sectors besides battery manufacturing and has collaborated with ISRO to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.


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