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Best EV sellers in India

2022 was a record-breaking year for the EV industry. EV sales doubling YoY. The industry witnessed 210% growth in 2022. Cumulatively 999,949 EV units were sold in India for the year 2022. 622,337 units of EV 2-wheelers have been sold. 3,37,335 units of EV 4-wheelers were sold. Let us take a quick look at some of the best-selling brands of EV 2-wheelers & 4-wheelers sold in the first half of 2022 in India.

2 Wheelers

Ola Electric

Ola Electric secures the best spot in the Indian EV industry. According to the FADA report (Federation Of Automobile Dealers Association), the budding automotive Tamil Nadu-based company has delivered 16,306 electric scooters. The Ola S1 gets a 3 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack with a riding range of 141 km; meanwhile, the S1 Pro has a larger 4 kWh unit with a range of 181 km on a single charge.


Rajasthan-based EV manufacturing company Okinawa launched Praise Pro, which drew customers' attention across the nation. As on Sep 2022, 8456 units of Praise Pro were sold out. It offers a 2.0 kW  Lithium-ion battery with a ride range of 88 km per charge.


Bangalore-based automobile company sold 8,213 units of EV two-wheelers as on October 2022. Ather comes with 8.7 bhp of power and a riding range of 146km. Ather 450X will have a new 3.66kW Lithium-ion battery pack, where the user can travel 60km on a single charge.

4 wheelers

Tata Motors

As of August 2022, Tata Motors sold 3,845 electric vehicles in India, accounting for 88% of sales. As a result, the Nexon EV and the XUV400 will be in the same market segment, with a sufficient kWh battery capacity for a long drive.

MG Motors

As of September 2022, MG Motor India sold 412 electric SUV cars. However, the automotive company updated the EV early this year. The updated EV gets a larger 50.3 kWh battery pack with a driving range of 461 km on a single charge. 


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