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About Residential Chargers

RapidEVChargE eliminates the hassle of searching for a public charging station. We know that charging times vary with the vehicle's onboard charger and the charging station. With our residential chargers, you need not worry about reservations or charging station availability. RapidEVChargE's charging stations can be conveniently installed in your apartment, condo, or individual house. Simply plug in your vehicle, leave it to charge, and start your day with a fully powered battery.

Better Compatibility

Our residential chargers are compatible with any EV and can be installed at home with a standard connector.

Full Support

Our support team offers 24/7 technical help and guidance for any technical issue.

Single Account

Track and monitor all your home and public charging details and requirements with a single account.

Customised Convenience

Our home charging solutions are tailored to fit your lifestyle and simplify your charging requirements.

Apartments / Houses

RapidEVChargE facilitates EV charging at your property, regardless of whether it has an assigned or shared car parking. Our single-family home chargers are WiFi-enabled and ideal for personal garages or driveways.
  • Dedicated web portal and technical support for property managers or administrators of homeowners' associations.
  • Customisable charging speed that is ideal for your home and your EV.
  • Automated billing and reimbursements for electricity usage from a common facility.
  • ENERGY STAR-certified rating for efficiency and weatherproofed for outdoor installation.
  • Comprehensive on-site station maintenance and proactive station monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here's a quick Q & A to help you understand our commercial chargers and their benefits.

When it comes to charging my car, how can I tell if my home electric system is capable?

Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home, which includes a load calculation designed by the National Electric Code. This calculation will ensure that we are not overloading your electrical system.

Is it necessary for my home to have a dedicated charge point for electric cars?

You can charge your electric car with a 3-pin plug charge cable. However, it is not as quick, efficient, and feature-rich as a dedicated charge point. We recommend a fit-for-purpose home charge point for increased safety, speed, and convenience.

Is it advisable to leave EVs charging unattended at home?

Yes, it is safe to leave your EV unattended while it is charging. The system is designed to stop the transfer of electricity when the vehicle is fully charged. Because of this convenience, your vehicle can stay plugged in overnight.

Are home charging stations eligible for government incentives?

Our advisor can give you the necessary details regarding the government incentives for home charging stations.

Do you recommend a particular schedule to charge my EV?

There is no fixed schedule to charge your EV. We recommend you charge it any time the vehicle is not in use. Consistent charging allows you to maximise your range and improve the car battery lifespan.

Do you offer cable management options?

Each model includes a cable holster that allows you to store the charger when you're not using it. The cable can be wound around the holster when not in use.

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