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Does switching to EVs help to tackle the situation in China?

Air pollution is one of the most noticeable things happening today. Though it occurs daily, most people do not know that smoke affects everyone's life. There are many polluted countries, but Pakistan, China, India, and Chad are the most polluted. In these countries, the government records many respiratory cases frequently. Some may occur because of genetics, but others arise for external reasons - a harmful and highly unclean environment. Among these highly polluted countries, let's look at how China is overcoming the harmful situation.

For almost 2 decades, China was one of the most polluted countries in the world. Moreover, China is ranked 9/240 in the Category of Highly Polluted Countries. After launching a successful mission, "War Against Pollution," in 2014, China reduced its pollution by 28%. However, China's particulate pollution is almost four times the WHO guidelines, which is an enormous distress.

You must be thinking about what might happen if the pollution rate increases. If the pollution rate increases abnormally, 2.7 years, the average human lifetime will be reduced.

More To Know:

What are the parameters for Air Quality Index (AQI)?

  • Good [0 - 50]
  • Satisfactory [51 - 100]
  • Moderately polluted [101 - 200]
  • Poor [201 - 300]
  • Very Poor [301 - 400]
  • Severe [401 - 500]

Once the situation went out of control, all the Chinese entrepreneurs aimed to be green. So they switched to Electric Vehicles. There are many reasons why China shifted to EVs. One among them is to establish a low emission and promote electric vehicles.

After China started adapting to EVs, the overall oil consumption gradually reduced. Moreover, a growing domestic and international demand for these vehicles drives China's potential lead in the EV market. It is generally accepted that EVs would be less damaging to the environment. Likewise, controlling the overall pollutant outputs and implementing environmental technologies is easier. The first step to electrify all vehicles took a lot of work. Hybrid sales in China were 0.00028% of the market in 2008, compared to 2.4% in the United States. Gradually, China electrified most of the vehicles.

In 2023, China became one of the increased competitors in the EV market. Some top-selling Electric Vehicles are Tesla Model Y, BYD Dolphin, BYD Qin Plus (BEV+PHEV), BYD Yuvan Plus, Tesla Model 3, and so on.

Incorporating EVs in highly polluted countries like China presents a promising solution, aligning with the vision of a cleaner, healthier future. These countries can drive positive change through policy support, robust infrastructure, and public engagement, leading the charge toward a greener tomorrow. RapidEV’s Charging Solution, one of the leader in sustainable mobility, emphasizes the significance of electric vehicles in curbing pollution, reducing emissions, and fostering innovation.

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