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Benefits to be enjoyed as an EV buyer

What are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles run solely on electricity without any emissions. They are generally powered by rechargeable batteries and charged from a power outlet.The main advantages of EVs are their low cost, zero-emission, and quietness.


In every place, nowadays Electric vehicles are a fast-growing factor. It is embedded with lots of advantages and features which are also eco-friendly. There are lots of schemes and subsidiaries brought in favour of buyers in various states.


  1. Delhi is one of the important cities where electric vehicles of all types are fastly moving.
  2. Delhi government has targeted achieving 25 per cent EV registration by 2024.
  3. E-bicycles and E- cargo cycles are given 25 and 33 per cent of subsidiaries, respectively, adding a scrapping incentive of ₹2000-₹3000 as a part of the package.
  4. For e-two wheelers, the government has promised to provide an incentive of ₹5,000/kWh of battery capacity.
  5. For eLCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) and e- auto rickshaws, ’s government has allotted a subsidy of ₹30,000 per vehicle.
  6. Delhi government has also decided to waive the road taxes and registration fees on the purchase of new cars.
  7. The Delhi government has also decided to build up a network of 200 charging stations to bring up more EVs.


  1. Maharashtra announced the EV policies in the year 2021, and it has aimed to make its state an EV state in 2025.
  2. The government of Maharashtra has exempted EV owners from paying road tax and registration charges.
  3. A subsidy amount of ₹5000 per kWh of capacity battery and a cap of ₹10,000 has been provided for the first 1 lakh buyers.
  4. Buyers who are willing to purchase a two-wheeler EV can avail of an early incentive worth up to ₹15000.
  5. Customers who are willing to purchase an electric vehicle car or SUV can enjoy the advantage of Maharashtra EV subsidy.
  6. Taking into account four-wheelers, a subsidy of Rs.10,000 per kWh of battery capacity is given as an allowance worth up to 1.5 Lakhs.
  7. It is applicable only to the first 10,000 four-wheeler EVs registered within the state.


  1. Uttar Pradesh has implemented new EV policies known as the Uttar Pradesh Electric Vehicle manufacturing and Mobility Policy.
  2. This policy is going to benefit both private and commercial EV buyers like three-wheelers and other transports.
  3. The UP government will offer a subsidy worth up to ₹5000 based on the showroom cost minus GST on a particular EV.
  4. Other than waiving registration fees and road tax exemption, the UP government will also offer incentives for buying new electric vehicles.
  5. For EV car buyers, the government has availed a subsidy of ₹1,00,000 over the factory cost of the vehicle.
  6. This subsidy is open for the first 25,000 electric car buyers.


  1. Tamil Nadu state EV policy was introduced in November 2020 for a period of two years.
  2. This policy provided a benefit of 100% exemption on road taxes and registration for electric two-wheelers and a subsidy exemption between 50-100% on electric cars.
  3. TN govt has renegotiated the subsidy policy again and extended it till 31.12.2025
  4. TN government has announced a road tax exemption of 100% for all EV two-wheelers, EV auto rickshaws and cars.
  5. It has also waived registration charges/fees.


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